Beauty tips for face: How to remove pores on face naturally and permanently


With simple beauty tips for face know how get rid of pores on face permanently and dark circles on face naturally using home remedies. 

Beauty Tips with Methi (Fenugreek seeds), curry leaves, cucumber, pores on face with this pack, remove dark circles! 

Beauty tips for face

Menthi - It has not only health benefits but also beauty-enhancing properties. Trying this Methi Pack you can sure to remove away the pores on your face very easily with short time period. 

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Process How to make face mask at home for skin

  1. Fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight, drain all the water and put soaked Fenugreek seed into a mixing jar. 
  2. Add fresh six neem leaves and two slices of cucumber and paste it to soft. 
  3. Add a teaspoon of multani clay (Multani mitti) and half a teaspoon of lemon juice to the paste and mix well. 
  4. Apply this mixture on the face and let it dry for twenty minutes. 
  5. Then wet your hands, massage for five minutes and rinse with cold water. 
  6. Applying this pack regularly once a week will get rid of open pores on face naturally. 
  7. With this trick you also get rid of dark spots fast naturally and get rid of pimples forever 
  8. This face mask also helps to remove blemishes from face. 

Facial skin becomes firmer and smoother. The antioxidant and anti-aging properties of fenugreek keep the skin moisturized and healthy.

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